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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Freemasonry

Hosts of Craftcast with gifts from the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Lodge


In the vast universe of Freemasonry, where traditions and rituals form the bedrock of each Lodge, something unique recently emerged – the Science Fiction and Fantasy Lodge, No. 10016. For an episode of Craftcast: The Freemasons Podcast season 2, our hosts sat down with Secretary David Leask to unravel the workings and origins of the Lodge. 

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Lodge took root in the playful minds of two members in Burton-on-Trent. These Freemasons were engaged in a whimsical exercise of fantasy Freemasonry, envisioning a Lodge where iconic characters from the sci-fi genre assumed the offices. This exercise sparked a realisation that there existed a vast community of science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts in the ranks of Freemasonry. 

David explains, ‘We are a working Freemasons’ Lodge. We’re not a dining club; we’re not a social club – we are actually a Freemasons’ Lodge.’ The Lodge’s genesis dates back to 2018 when the wheels were set in motion to merge the worlds of science fiction, fantasy and Freemasonry.

You cannot visit the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Lodge without encountering its distinctive rituals and traditions. The Lodge uses the Emulation Ritual, adhering to the Blue Book, but its uniqueness lies in small adaptations: Deacons wield lightsabers, the Tyler brandishes a Klingon Bat’leth, and the gavels of the Worshipful Master and the Wardens are transformed into Thor’s hammer. The DCs, or Directors of Ceremonies, carry the staffs of Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White, creating a fusion of Lodge symbolism with elements from the realms of science fiction and fantasy. 

The Lodge solidified its uniqueness when it was being Consecrated. David explains, ‘This was the one area that was the hardest because we had great ideas, but the Consecration is a very serious, absolute ceremony. However, when the two Provincial Grand Masters who were officiating were giving their opening welcome, there were a lot of Star Trek quotes, “Live long and prosper”, all of that. You suddenly realise that everybody, even the officiating officers, are all closet science fiction and fantasy fans. 

‘Everyone’s watched the movies and read the books and so many people have a science fiction favourite. It covers such an expanse – just to name a few things, I’m a fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Star Trek. And I’m sure there are some even more niche than that. 

‘However, the one thing that we didn’t want to do is alienate anyone – a lot of the things we talked about are what I would call popular culture.’ 

David affirms the Lodge’s commitment to preserving Masonic traditions, ‘Our ritual is probably Blue Book because we’ve got members from all over the UK. So we’re an Emulation Lodge. Going through the planning process, we had a lot of weird and wacky ideas and people wanted to change the ritual. Well, that’s a red line. We might get the odd “make it so” appear in there, but it’s as the book says. The Festive Board, on the other hand, now that’s a different conversation.’ 

The Pro Grand Master’s philosophy of ‘Yes, if’ and not ‘No, because’ is evident as the Lodge embraces the traditional ritual while adding its own unique flair. 

The Craftcast episode also delves into a light-hearted and intriguing discussion on selecting iconic characters for various Lodge offices. The hosts and David ponder choices for Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden and Deacons, drawing parallels between sci-fi and fantasy characters and their Masonic counterparts. 

One of the challenges faced by the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Lodge was navigating the turbulent space of social media during the COVID-19 pandemic. David shares the Lodge’s innovative approach of utilising Zoom calls and attracting potential founders from around the world. The members successfully gathered a diverse group of 31 founders, each contributing to the fusion of Freemasonry and science fiction. 

As our fraternity navigates 2024, it’s essential to recognise the broader landscape of Freemasonry in England and Wales. Special Interest Lodges represent the dynamic nature of Freemasonry, adapting and evolving to stay relevant. These Lodges provide a space for Freemasons with shared interests to forge bonds that extend beyond traditional brotherhood. As the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Lodge boldly explores the uncharted territories of Freemasonry, we are reminded that the Craft continues to thrive by embracing diversity and the ever-expanding universe of human imagination. In the words of David: ‘Our mailing list of invites for each meeting goes out to more than 400 Freemasons, and that list is constantly increasing.’

To listen to the episode, visit: May the Craftcast be with you: An Interview with the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Lodge

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