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Famous Freemasons

A wall showing images of famous masons

Throughout history, there have been many notable Freemasons involved in a wide variety of activities.

From the world of politics and sportsmen through to literature and science, there have been many recognisable names in Freemasonry over the years.

Here, we share just some of those 'Famous Freemasons' and their journeys in Freemasonry.

Prince Philip

Prince Philip, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

1921 - 2021
Sergeant Johnson Beharry Freemason

Sergeant Johnson Beharry

b. 1979
Sir Alf Ramsey famous Freemason

Sir Alf Ramsey

1920 - 1999
Sir Alexander Fleming famous Freemason

Sir Alexander Fleming

1881 - 1955
Sir Ernest Shackleton famous Freemason

Sir Ernest Shackleton

1874 - 1922
Rudyard Kipling famous Freemason

Rudyard Kipling

1865 - 1936
William Hogarth famous Freemason

William Hogarth

1697 - 1764
King George VI famous Freemason

King George VI

1895 - 1952
Peter Sellers famous Freemason

Peter Sellers

1925 - 1980