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Quarterly Magazine Freemasonry Today

Freemasonry Today (FMT) is UGLE’s quarterly print magazine, including corporate communications, stories across Provinces and Districts, and much more. Below you can view the digital editions of Freemasonry Today and listen to the audio versions.

Two Freemasons talking after a Lodge meeting

News and Communications Centre Blog

Our blog is where you can keep up to date on all the latest news, read about our charity work and discover more about Freemasonry.

Masonic Research Centre

Quatuor Coronati (QC) Research Centre

Masonic research helps to explain the history of Freemasonry and Masonic protocol. It does more than outline ‘where’ and ‘when’, but also ‘why’ – arguably the most crucial component of Masonic research.

Learning and Development program UGLE

Unlocking Masonic Knowledge The Learning and Development Journey

Freemasonry, a profound journey of personal discovery, is enriched through the exploration of ritual, history, and traditions. Our commitment to fostering curiosity, understanding, and enjoyment is at the core of the UGLE Learning and Development Programme.

Royal Arch

Supreme Grand Chapter Royal Arch

Royal Arch is considered the completion of the journey in ‘Pure Antient Masonry’. Its members meet in Chapters under the Supreme Grand Chapter.

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Vestibules at Freemasons' Hall in London

Visit the UGLE's headquarter Freemasons' Hall

The building is open to the public from Monday to Saturday – welcoming everyone from members of the public and guests attending special events, through to members visiting for meetings.

Shop at Freemasons' Hall

Masonic Merchandise Shop

On the first floor you’ll find our award-winning Shop at Freemasons’ Hall, with an extensive range of high-quality gifts and souvenirs related to Freemasonry.

Café and Bar at Freemasons' Hall

Café and Bar at Freemasons' Hall

A stylish new café and bar has opened on the ground floor of the building and work is taking place on the renovation of the roofspace.

The Book of Constitutions

The rule book of UGLE that regulates all Lodges and Freemasons

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