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The Royal Arch

Two companions before a Chapter meeting



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Administration of the Royal Arch and its Chapters has been entrusted by UGLE to the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of England. 

Joining the Royal Arch (or 'Chapter') is the fourth and final stage in Pure Antient Masonry, as defined in the Act of Union of 1813 that created the current United Grand Lodge of England.

Anyone who has been a Master Mason for four weeks can join—and should aspire to join the Royal Arch, because becoming a Companion of the Order continues their voyage of discovery.

A Companion before a Chapter meeting
Three Principals s before a Chapter meeting

The Ceremony of Exaltation sees members follow the clues from the Third Degree to complete their journey in Pure Antient Masonry, in a spectacular and unforgettable ceremony. Through ongoing participation, members will work together with old friends and new Companions to build on the principles of the Craft, and unlock fresh perspectives on the meaning and value of Freemasonry.

Discover More in The Royal Arch

A view-only copy of this guide can be found below and is downloadable. Welsh version also available. 


How to join the Royal Arch

The prime qualification for admission into the Royal Arch is to be a Master Mason, of at least four weeks standing, in a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England, or a Lodge under a Grand Lodge recognised by it.

Photography: Kenji Kudo

Companions of the Royal Arch leaving the Grand Temple after a ceremony at Freemasons Hall in London

Supreme Grand Chapter

The Supreme Grand Chapter of England is the governing body of Royal Arch Masons in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and based within Freemasons’ Hall. Approximately 40% of UGLE Freemasons are Royal Arch Masons.

Royal Arch companions during a ceremony in the Grand Temple at Freemasons Hall in London

Metropolitan and Provincial Grand Chapters and Districts overseas

A list of these Metropolitan and Provincial Grand Chapters can be found here, as well as in our Districts overseas.

Two Companions before a Chapter meeting
Two Companions getting ready for a Chapter meeting
Two Companions before a Chapter meeting