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1723 Constitutions Tercentenary Celebrations and Merchandise


1723 Constitutions Tercentenary Celebrations and Merchandise

It is an extra special year in the world of Freemasonry as 2023 marks the 300-year anniversary of the publication of ‘The Constitutions of the Freemasons’ in 1723.

This special book and its Enlightenment principles helped provide the foundations of what modern Freemasonry is today.

Since its publication, the framework for Freemasonry outlined in the Book of Constitutions made a remarkable impact on the world as it spread across Britain and around the globe where its principles were modelled by many other clubs and societies.

For more information on the history of Freemasonry and the Tercentenary, visit the dedicated 1723 Constitutions website.

A variety of celebrations and events are taking place throughout 2023 to celebrate the Tercentenary.

Especial Meeting

The commemorations of the 1723 Constitutions will start with the Especial Meeting of Grand Lodge. This event will be taking place on Tuesday 31st January.

Museum of Freemasonry Exhibition

To celebrate the 300-year anniversary of the 1723 Constitutions, The Museum of Freemasonry has opened a year-long free exhibition.

The exhibition ‘1723 – Inventing the Future’ features items and digital displays that have never been seen on public display.

There are two parts to the ‘Inventing the Future’ exhibition. The first section is based in the library where you can see how the 1723 Constitutions extended its reach from London across the world. You can see this through rare published examples that arrived in different countries.

The story continues in the South Gallery where you can explore the context, content and consequences of the Book of Constitutions.

More information on the ‘Inventing the Future’ exhibition can be found on the Museum of Freemasonry website.

1723 Merchandise

To help celebrate the Tercentenary, Shop at Freemasons’ Hall has released a brand new range of products to mark 300 years of the Constitutions of Freemasonry. From exquisite stationery and badges to outstanding gifts and memorabilia, this range has everything to offer to help commemorate the 1723 Constitutions. Below we have picked some of our favourite items from the range:

Inventing the Future by Ric Berman

Inventing the Future by Ric Berman

This is a must-read book for anyone interested in Freemasonry's social and political contexts and the 1723 'Constitutions of Freemasons'. In this book, Ric Berman explains why Enlightenment principles of religious tolerance and constitutional  democracy were embedded within the 1723 'Constitutions of Freemasons'. You can purchase your copy of ‘Inventing the Future’ on the shop website.

1723 Floating Book Pen 

1723 Floating Book Pem

Add some fun as you write with our 1723 floating book pen. Watch as the 1723 Book of Constitutions floats between two pairs of hands when tilted. The double-sided black ink pen is sure to make others in your office jealous. You can buy a floating pen on Shop at Freemasons’ Hall website or in-store.

1723 A5 Notebook

1723 A5 notebook

Add to your 1723 Tercentenary collection with our 194 page lined notebook with a full-colour printed cover, rounded corners and an elasticated closure. You can purchase the notebook on the Shop at Freemasons’ Hall website.

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