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Jewels of Malta

Masonic jewels


In December 2019, Paul Baker, Provincial Grand Treasurer for Yorkshire N&E Ridings, was travelling to London by train from Thirsk and met a volunteer from Grand Central who was there helping passengers find the correct coach to board.

In their conversation about doing voluntary work, Paul mentioned that he was a Freemason, and the lady, Anna, responded by saying that her late Grandfather/ Great Grandfather was also a Freemason. She had inherited some masonic jewels and asked what Paul thought should be done with them.

Paul suggested that the best place for them would be his old Lodge, and Anna emailed him some photos later that morning, which showed that his Lodge had been Lodge of St John & St Paul.

Paul fully expected this to be a Lodge in the North of England. He followed this up and was more than a little surprised to find this was a Lodge in Malta.

After several emails, Richard Jump, Grand Inspector for Malta, kindly explained that the original recipient of the jewels, J W Starkey, was a very prominent Freemason in Malta, being District Grand Secretary under William Kingston in 1880 and the significance of the jewels. These include a centenary Lodge Jewel from 1915.

Richard was due to visit Paul's Lodge, Beresford-Peirse Lodge, in September 2023 to receive the jewels, but unfortunately, he was unable to travel at the last minute. All turned out well, however, as the arrangement was eventually made for the Provincial Grand Master of Yorkshire N&E Ridings, Dr David Chambers, to transfer them to Richard at a recent UGLE meeting.

Paul has kept in contact with Anna for almost three years and recently informed her about the handing over. 

She responded:

"I am so pleased that the jewels will be passed on to the right place. I have put the date in my diary and will be thinking of you on that day. What a journey these bits of regalia have had, from Malta probably to Yorkshire via Maidenhead and Surrey. Thank you for looking after them until they could go to the right place."

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