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Show and Tell


In July, East Lancashire Freemasons Doug Smith and Russell Perks attended St Paul’s Church Hall in Norden, Rochdale, to deliver a presentation about Freemasonry to 30 members of Norden’s Women’s Institute called ‘Do you want to know a secret?’ 

Doug Smith and Russell Perks presenting a talk called 'Do you want to know a secret'


During the presentation, Doug highlighted the traits that both the Women’s Institute and Freemasonry have in common and dispelled the myths, misinformation and conspiracy theories that circulate about Freemasonry. He explained that Freemasonry is committed to universal brotherhood and self-improvement, enabling you to develop social skills. He also stressed that becoming a member inspires a desire to support and bring happiness and helps forge lifelong friendships. 

Doug described the charity work that Freemasons do for both Masonic and non-Masonic charities and how Freemasons have donated to local and national charities and international relief funds for natural disasters worldwide. He also explained that charity can mean donating money or giving your time for volunteering work. He broadly explained what happens in the Festive Board and the Lodge room. Both are an essential part of any Masonic meeting, allowing members to enjoy the social side of Freemasonry and the more formal ritual. The presentation was brought to an end with a Q&A session, refreshments and a display of Masonic regalia.

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