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In the Saddle

West Kent Freemasons have raised funds for a bike for 5 year old April Ellis


The Band of Brothers Masonic Motorcycle association in West Kent has raised funds for a specialist pink bike that will improve the quality of life for five-year-old April Ellis. Since its inception in 2019, Band of Brothers has always been active in seeking out individuals, causes and organisations in the Kent region who need support.

April suffers from the debilitating, lifelong and rare genetic chromosomal disorder Mosaic 18Q Deletion. As a result, she can’t communicate, crawl, walk, stand or feed herself, but can hold herself up for a few seconds and has recently learned how to pick objects up and move them.

April’s parents’ wish to provide her with a better quality of life came to the attention of the Band of Brothers through its Charity Steward at one of their club nights. The specialist bike would help to build April’s muscles, aid her in walking and let her experience the outdoors with her parents and siblings.

President of the Band of Brothers Stephen Demwell is also a member of Radiant Star Lodge, No. 8967 and proposed that they jointly support the fundraising required. In September, members of both Lodges presented the bike to April at her home in Tonbridge.

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