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Northumberland Freemasons' Skate Into Action for Junior Ice Hockey Team

Northumberland Freemasons help vulnerable young people feel like a team with valuable donation.


Formed in 1964, Whitley Warriors Ice Hockey Team provide help and support for over 80 junior members.

The ice hockey team in their new jerseys
The team in their new jerseys.

The team, which plays in the National Ice Hockey League Division 1, supports children between the ages of 5 and 18 years, from various backgrounds and walks of life. This group includeds five young children from Ukraine who have been relocated into the area and three adopted and fostered youngsters and six children with special needs, who really enjoy Ice Hockey as well as being involved with the “team spirit” of the club.

The children train on the ice for a minimum of two to four hours a week for each age group and play at least one game per week, often doubling up games by playing for an older age group, at various locations around the country.

The new jerseys
The new jerseys were made possible by a generous donation from the Northumberland Freemasons.

In need of new playing tops to meet minimum League requirements, Northumberland Freemasons, through the Richard Henry Holmes Masonic Benevolent Fund, gave their support with a donation of £2600 for the purchase of the tops, which includes the players individual name and number, ensuring the players feel like a real team and boost their confidence on the ice.

Norman West and Gary Wood
The Richard Henry Holmes Masonic Benevolent Fund aims to provide a boost to worthwhile projects in Northumberland.

Head Coach, Gary Wood, said 

'We have been raising funds over the last year to help and support those families who are struggling at the moment due to the current financial situation, we also need to help those young children continue with their love of this sport in any way we can by being a caring organization.

The help and support which has been given by the Freemasons of Northumberland has made a huge difference to these young people’s lives and we were delighted when the Freemason could help with this purchase'

Norman West the Provincial Grand Almoner and also a Trustee of the fund said 

'The Richard Henry Holmes Fund were very keen to support this group of dedicated young people who needed new tops and we were also very pleased when the Logo of Northumberland Freemasons was printed on the backs of the jerseys which will be on show when the teams play in stadiums all around Great Britain'

The Richard Henry Holmes Masonic Benevolent Fund donates around £160,000 annually to local charities and good causes, including food banks, to boost worthwhile and deserving projects throughout Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside.

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