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Monmouthshire Light Blues Club Relaunched

The Mon Light Blues, a club for New and Young Freemasons in Monmouthshire was recently relaunched at a well-attended event at Newport Masonic Centre. 


The Mon Light Blues, a club for New and Young Freemasons in Monmouthshire, was recently relaunched at a well-attended event at Newport Masonic Centre. 

Members of the Mon Light Blues club
The relaunch of the Mon Light Blues club was a huge success.

The Club was established in 2017, but during the Covid years, the Light Blues saw a hiatus in its activities, as did most clubs, societies and lodges. Despite using social media to stay in touch, nothing can truly replicate the joy of getting together socially. 

As most Freemasons will know, joining Freemasonry can offer a world of opportunity and enlightenment but can also be daunting for some. The concept of the Light Blues is to promote active participation by its members in the full scope of Freemasonry by organising events which encourage all new and young Freemasons of Monmouthshire to meet, socialise and explore the meaning of the Craft. 

At the relaunch, the attending brethren were joined by members of the Provincial Team who were keen to lend their support to the event. Both the Provincial Grand Master and Deputy Provincial Grand Master were in attendance which illustrates the importance of the Club to the Province.

In his remarks on the evening, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master explained how important the Club is to Freemasonry in Monmouthshire. Most Provinces now have a New and Young Masons Club. The key to their success is that members can connect with the broader fraternity, sharing experiences with those typically at a similar stage of their masonic journey.

Freemasonry is about building lifelong friendships; the Mon Light Blues Club hopes to increase that number of friends for new freemasons and help build a strong network of companions for everyone in the Province. The Club has established many ways to keep in touch, including new social media channels and a website.

Membership to the Club is open to all Monmouthshire Freemasons (Craft or Royal Arch Chapter including Freemasons from other Provinces who permanently live or work in Monmouthshire) under 45 years of age or who have been a Freemason for less than ten years and have not achieved Provincial Rank.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Light Blues Club in Monmouthshire, please submit your details via the website here. 

The attendees proposed a series of social events to appeal to all members. The Club has already organised a Whisky Night and Curry Night in partnership with the Masonic Charitable Foundation. It’s onwards and upwards from here.


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