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Grow, Thrive, and Prosper

Chain showing UGLE and SGC as one organisation


The new UGLE Strategy for Freemasonry is an integrated one that reinforces the fundamental connection between the Royal Arch and the Craft. Participation in the Royal Arch provides a new dimension to our members’ experience and a more complete understanding of what it means to be a Freemason in the United Grand Lodge of England.

The success of the Royal Arch is therefore directly related to that of our Lodges; a clear and shared understanding of this will ensure that our actions can contribute over time to a stronger, more secure future for Freemasonry in the 21st century and beyond.

Archway is therefore a new resource designed for Royal Arch Chapters to help shape their future, grow their membership and enhance their members’ experience. It is based on extensive research of what our members want – and what works well in successful, thriving Chapters across our Constitution.

Many of the challenges that Chapters face are different to those of Lodges. Archway is therefore not a simple translation of the Members’ Pathway into the Royal Arch – it has been developed separately with advice that is specific for Royal Arch Chapters and also guidance for Royal Arch Representatives within Craft Lodges. 

However, some of the challenges are similar to those in Lodges, and so references to the excellent resources within the Members’ Pathway and on Solomon are provided where relevant.

Archway aims to help Chapters become more efficient and more vibrant, so that every Companion looks forward to their next meeting with enthusiasm. Resources to enhance understanding of the Royal Arch and for sharing the work so that more members are involved are also provided along with advice for making meetings more efficient, for attracting new members, and for supporting every member of the Chapter.

It is also intended to be an evolving resource with more examples and case studies of good practice added over time. So if your Chapter has good ideas about what works well then please let us know via your Provincial Executive.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to the challenges each Chapter faces, but the resources and options it offers highlight what is possible to achieve if Chapters wish to innovate and embrace change to secure their future.

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