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Gloucestershire’s Project 21 Imaging Appeal

Gloucestershire with a donated medical device to the Cheltenham and Gloucestershire Hospitals Charity


Gloucestershire’s Project 21 Imaging Appeal was developed over two years with the aim of supplying essential mobile diagnostic equipment to hospitals across the Province. Despite the seemingly ambitious goal of raising £300,000 within a relatively short period, the appeal resonated widely. Thanks to the overwhelming support from individuals and Lodges, expectations were not only met but exceeded.

Tim Henderson-Ross, Gloucestershire’s Provincial Grand Master, explained why the Project 21 Appeal meant so much:

‘When I set Project 21 in motion, I had in mind an achievement like this to mark my 10 years everyone can enjoy their Freemasonry, which in turn increases the likelihood of recommending their friends to join.

The Communications team helps raise the profile of the Province by supporting news publicity about Essex Freemasonry. The team also generates three monthly newsletters, has created a newly combined Provincial website and has a high-profile social media presence. With 59 press releases issued in 2023, Essex has done extremely well in showcasing a forward-looking Province. Whether published or not, by listing the press releases on the Provincial website, the membership sees how active the Province is in public. This generates feelings of satisfaction and confidence all-round, resulting in more members and greater retention.

Colin Felton, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, said, ‘When the end-of-year figure is known, it may be that the Province of Essex will have been successful in achieving positive growth in 2023.’ Colin announced that the next cluster meeting for the Provincial teams and their Lodges will be hosted by Richard Clowes Lodge, No. 2936, the Almoners Lodge, whose next Worshipful Master is Johnson Beharry VC. as Provincial Grand Master. More than anything else, I envisaged a campaign for the Freemasons of Gloucestershire to help as many of the citizens of our county as possible. The success of Project 21 has exceeded my expectations, leaving me both humbled and proud of the support the Brethren have given me. I have always given full credit to Peter Coles, our Provincial Charity Steward, and his team for running Project 21. The results speak volumes and fully repay the confidence I placed in his and their abilities.’

The amount donated by Gloucestershire Freemasons was £338,506, a sum achieved in just 18 months of the planned 24-month duration of the appeal. This enabled the purchase of 16 units of imaging equipment for the region’s Southmead, Cheltenham and Gloucester hospitals.

Karen Organ of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: 

‘It has been a fantastic and rewarding experience working with Gloucestershire Freemasons. The specialist equipment, such as the jet ventilator that assists in the treatment of liver cancer patients and the mobile digital X-ray machine with a specialist plate for neo-natal infants, has made an incredible difference in diagnosis within Gloucestershire – helping to save lives from the tiniest of babies to our oldest patients.’

Peter concluded:

‘We should all be very proud of our achievements in raising more than £330,000 to help improve patients’ experience and to help save lives through earlier diagnosis. We really have made a difference to the communities in Gloucestershire.’

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