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Freemasons from Cyprus Travel to London for an Initiation

cypriot and London Freemasons


On Saturday, 11th November 2023, Evripides Nicolas, the Master of St. Paul’s, the oldest Lodge in Cyprus, accompanied by eighteen members of his Lodge, visited Beneficentia Lodge on the occasion of an Initiation in Room 17 at the United Grand Lodge of England’s Freemasons' Hall in Great Queen Street. 

What made this a special occasion for all present was the spirit and warmth with which the Master of Beneficentia Lodge, having opened the Lodge, then allowed the Master of St Paul’s to take the chair and Initiate his biological older brother Andreas Nicolas, with the assistance of St Paul’s Brethren who conducted the entire ceremony.

The effort by all ritualists to prepare and deliver an excellent and flowing ritual (without the need for any prompting) not only gave the candidate the best possible first impression of Freemasonry but rewarded those present, including the Metropolitan Grand Inspector Keith Alexander, with what may very well be a once in a lifetime masonic experience which will be remembered for years to come.

During the November regular meeting of St. Paul’s Lodge, the District Grand Master of Cyprus, Michael C. Hadjiconstantas, commended Nicolas for his initiative, as well as the Brethren who assisted in this ceremony. He pointed out this was only possible by the kind permission of the Metropolitan Grand Inspector and the brotherly love and understanding of the Master and Brethren of Beneficentia Lodge.

cypriot and London Freemasons

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