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A Family Affair in Monmouthshire

Four brothers in a masonic lodge wearing regalisa


Casnewydd Lodge recently hosted a truly unique event at Newport Masonic Centre: a double Initiation ceremony that welcomed siblings into their esteemed ranks. This double Initiation, while not unprecedented, was made truly special by the fact that the two brothers had a deep family connection with the Lodge.

At the heart of this ceremony were Initiates Jason and Shane Clayden. On the night, they were supported by their two other brothers, David and Adam Clayden, who were already respected Master Masons of Casnewydd Lodge. With the Initiation of Jason and Shane, the Clayden family solidified their presence within the Lodge, forming a quartet of brothers bound not only by familial ties but by the shared values of Freemasonry.

The ceremony was described as nothing short of first-class, with the ritual conducted by the Master receiving accolades for its precision. Supported by the officers of the Lodge, the ceremony was a memorable experience for all present.

The evening was graced by six visiting Masters from the Province of Monmouthshire, underscoring the event's significance within the wider network of Freemasonry. This gathering not only celebrated the Initiation of two new members but also reinforced the solidarity of Freemasons across different lodges.

The Initiation of four brothers into one Lodge is a historic milestone for Freemasonry in the Province of Monmouthshire. This event, believed to be a first in the Province, underscores the enduring values of brotherly love, relief, and truth that Freemasons embody, and the Brethren are a credit to Casnewydd Lodge.

But the story doesn't end here - There are four other brothers in the Clayden family, and who knows, Casnewydd Lodge could be breaking more records in the future!

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