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Dorset Fairway Lodge

Freemasons of Dorset Fairway Lodge ready for a game of golf


Lodge History 

The members, whilst playing golf back in the early nineties, hit upon the idea of forming a golfing Lodge in Dorset, which would bring together those Freemasons with a particular love of the game.

The original concept was to travel around the Province to venues with a golf course near a Masonic Hall. This, however, proved to be more difficult in practice than was first envisaged. It was then decided to have Dorchester as a base for the Lodge. Meetings were to be held in the morning, followed by a snack festive board, with golf to be played in the afternoon; this enabled the Brethren to attend a Lodge meeting and play golf on the same day.

This arrangement proved acceptable to the Province, and finally, on Wednesday, 6th April 1994, the Provincial Grand Master consecrated the Dorset Fairway Lodge.

In more recent times, however, the Lodge membership resolved to dispense with golf during the day and hold meetings in the evening; subsequently, attendance has increased.

Freemasons of Dorset Fairway Lodge


Lodge Year 2023/24

2023 has been a productive year and our first since the dreaded COVID that saw the following events:

  • April saw four Brethren visit Scotland for an Ayrshire Golf Tour with our military friends from the Royal Highland Fusiliers Veterans Golf Society.
  • The Lodge held their 1st Lodge Golf Day 28th July 23 at Dorset Golf & Country Club.
  • The Dorset Fairway v Somerset Fairway Golf Match was resurrected and held at Came Down Golf Club on 1st September 23.
  • A Charity golf winner at Wrag Barn for our Worshipful Master, where three other Brethren attended the event in support of Wiltshire Freemasonry.
  • Supported Ashlars Day by sponsoring six candidates.
  • Raided and laid claim to the Travelling Gavel.
  • Over 9,000 GS Blankets were donated by the members in support of Trevor Barrett’s continued efforts in providing aid to Ukraine.

Lodge Meetings:

  • April held an Initiation.
  • May a demonstration of an initiation due to the ill health of the candidate.
  • June saw another Initiation.
  • October saw our 2nd ever Double Passing.
  • December saw our first-ever emergency meeting, where we held a Raising.
  • February will see another 3rd degree.
  • Also, in February, the Lodge Master & Kelvin Latham will visit Scotland. More to follow!

The Lodge has seen numerous visitors to the Lodge and is extremely grateful to those who have visited and extend an open invitation to all to return at some point.

For more information on The Dorset Fairway Lodge No 9546, please contact their Secretary.


Dorset Fairway Lodge member with golf trophy

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