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Devonshire Freemason Presented with 50-Year Certificate


On 17th November 2023, the Dundas Lodge meeting at Manadon Masonic Hall in Plymouth was delighted to welcome Nicholas Ball to present a 50-year Certificate to Peter Brookshaw.

Due to Peter being unable to stand for a period of time, the PGM had two chairs placed in front of the Master’s Chair, and they sat side by side while the PGM conducted the presentation as an interactive ‘fireside chat’ and allowing Peter to add to the information the Provincial Grand Master had about his life.

Devonshire Freemasons


Peter was born in Plymouth in 1940, one of 12 siblings. They lived in the shadow of the Dockyard wall and were subject to many bombing raids during World War Two. This eventually led to the children being evacuated to Cornwall. On returning, Peter continued his education in the city and occupied many important positions in a building firm that was working on the rebuilding of the city and the development of new housing estates. After 33 years of doing this, he formed his own company and continued working for another 14 years before retiring.

Always keen on being involved in service to the community, Peter became a Councillor and was responsible for many large projects, including the Plymouth Life Centre, which he brought in on time and on budget.   He was honoured by the city by being elected Lord Mayor in 2012, and on retiring from the Council, he was further honoured by being created an Alderman of the city.

Peter has been happily married to Brenda since 1965 and has two children and four grandchildren. He was chair of the parent-teacher association at Plymouth College for five years, taking an active role in the school that his son, daughter and grandson attended.

Peter was initiated into Freemasonry on 23rd November 1973 at his Mother Lodge by Colin Gale, who was also present at the presentation. It is rare for the initiating Master to be present at a 50-year presentation. 
Peter joined the Mark in 1975 and the Royal Arch in 1976. Peter is also a member of many other Orders, including the Royal Ark Mariners, Knights Templar, The Ancient Rite and the Royal Order of Scotland.

He was the ruler of Dundas Lodge in 1982 and also became a joining member of the Old Plymothian and Mannamedian Lodge, where his son, Brendan Brookshaw and grandson, Henry Brookshaw, are both members.

He has held a high Provincial rank in all of the Orders to which he belongs and uniquely was an Active Provincial Sword Bearer in both the Craft and the Mark in 1991.

Nicholas Ball, on presenting the certificate, said that Peter has set a fine example of service to the community and in his life and should be proud of all he has achieved.   

devonshire freemasons


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