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Cornwall Freemasons Conduct Multiple Candidate Raising Ceremony

Cornwall Freemasons of Chisel Lodge


The Lodge of the Chisel is regarded as the premiere Lodge in Cornwall for multiple ceremonies, a reputation that did not disappoint as the Senior and Junior Deacons, accompanied by two assistant Deacons, guided four candidates through the Ceremony of Raising, one of whom was a candidate by request of the Worshipful Master of St John St Aubyn Lodge, at the Masonic Hall in Falmouth on Friday the 2nd of February 2024.

The evening brought together several elements of Freemasonry for such an auspicious occasion, with it not only being a Universities Scheme Lodge ceremony but members of the Trelawny Light Blues, the Light Blue Initiative in Cornwall, assisting as the Deacons, all in the presence of a packed Temple which included the Provincial Grand Master, David Maskell, accompanied by Assistant Grand Master Graham Bennett and David Pascoe, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of Royal Arch Masonry in Cornwall.

The Worshipful Master of the Lodge, Nick Annear, who also holds the office of Vice Chairman of the Light Blue Initiative, was faultless with his ritual, as was the Director of Ceremonies, Callum Gardner, also a very active committee member of the Trelawny Light Blues, in leading the procession of candidates and Deacons around the Temple. Each element of the ceremony progressed seamlessly from one part to the next in an inclusive, engaging fashion, which was a true testament to the work the Lodge has put into carrying out multiple ceremonies since its transition into a Universities Scheme Lodge in 2019.

The only time the candidates were separated from one another was after they retired from the Lodge, while the Temple was prepared for the act of Raising. Once prepared, the candidates entered the Temple one at a time so that the Master could raise them individually, ensuring the element of mystery remained for each candidate during this pivotal part of the ceremony.

Simon Taylor, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies designate, who developed the full bespoke multiple ceremonies for the Lodge, which have received credit for paying particular focus on the candidate experience, delivered several significant portions of ritual.

The evening was an opportunity to showcase how multiple ceremonies can be conducted, as the Pro Grand Master Jonathan Spence recently endorsed at the Quarterly Communication held in Wales, where he reiterated the need to dispel the many myths, misconceptions and errors surrounding ceremonies of multiple candidates and in particular the myth which he feels is profoundly misguided, that being part of a multiple ceremony detracts from the experience.

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