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Cheshire Freemasons Make Donation to Family Bereavement Charity

Freemasons in Cheshire made a donation to support a charity focusing on supporting families who have suffered loss during or after a pregnancy.


Cheshire-based Freemasons made a significant donation to a local charity supporting families through loss during and after a pregnancy. 

Senior Cheshire Freemasons Stephen Christian, Richard Dobbing and Andy Tong were able to present a cheque for £2000 to Lindsey Pagett of the charity Elsies Moon on behalf of the Cheshire Freemasons Charity and the Freemasons of Cheshire in Area 2 covering from Chester to the tip of the Wirral at Birkenhead. 

This particular donation is destined to help Elsies Moon carry on producing these valuable Comfort boxes and to continue to support families in the diverse and essential ways they have over the challenging last five years during and following the Covid pandemic, all focussed around Area 2, to offer help to who needs it, when it is needed, for when pregnancy simply doesn’t follow the plan.

The Cheshire Freemasons Charity is the Province of Cheshire’s in-house charitable organisation, supported throughout the Masonic year by members of Cheshire Lodges and Chapters through charitable donations, gifts and fundraising events, the trustees of the charity are members of the Province. The CFC aims to regularly support local charities, initiatives and good causes nominated by each Area Assistant Provincial Grand Master and their Area Chairman. Nominations are made by Brethren and Companions within the area to ensure the most needy and worthwhile local causes are supported, delivering the maximum effect for each contribution. 


Chechire Freemasons sehandong over a cheque to Lindsey Pagett from Elsies Moon


In 2018, Chris and Lindsey Pagett welcomed Elsie into their lives. Elsie Stevie Pagett was a little early at 39 weeks, wriggling away and making strange shapes in the air with her bottom, but after an active time in mums tum Elsie was born on the 3rd of August 2018 with a super speedy drama queen-type entrance to our world, with long fluffy black hair, and so quick was the birth in fact that it very nearly took mum and dad by surprise.  Elsie fought hard, as did all the midwives, doctors and Mum and Dad, but sadly only survived for 17 hours. But in that time Mum and Dad made some memories to ensure Elsie was never forgotten. Little Elsie made a huge impact on everyone around her that day, and continues to do so today thanks to the hard work of team Pagett and a bunch of willing volunteers.

Recognising that many pregnancies come with a wide variety of problems motivated Chris and Lindsey to form Elsie’s Moon, a charity entirely focused on supporting families going through similar heartbreak, including Parents, Grandparents, siblings and everyone involved at home and importantly the staff in the hospital.

The Charity provides comfort boxes for different stages of pregnancy loss, a few extra comforts for when they are needed the most, and information and equipment for families in similar situations. Contents include butterfly packs for early loss, Elsie’s essentials for unexpected hospital visits, and virtual hug packs for families at a distance or when a real hug can’t be given. Craft boxes are also supplied, specifically to allow family members to make memories quickly that will last. 

Additionally, the tiny team at Elsies Moon also provide support and signposting to other professional services such as one-to-one counselling sessions, talking workshops, courses and support training in loss and trauma for professionals and families alike, and support for issues such as future fertility, and bereavement.


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