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Buckinghamshire Freemasons Launch 'Project Transform'

Photo of the new display at the Slough Masonic Hall featuring the 4 Virtues


Last summer, John Clark, the Provincial Grand Master of Buckinghamshire, launched Project Transform, a drive to install cutting-edge sound and lighting systems in every Lodge Room throughout the Province.

Led by Tim Anders, Project Transform installed systems at the majority of centres thanks to contributions from Lodges that were then matched by the Province. The revolutionary effort has already improved the ambience and overall effect of Lodge ceremonies, making them more memorable and engaging.

Inspired by Project Transform, Slough Masonic Centre presented the makeover of their Lodge Room in January 2024, featuring a lit panel (above) depicting the four cardinal virtues from the Grand Temple at Freemasons’ Hall, London.

Grae Laws, Provincial Communications Officer for Buckinghamshire, was allowed entry to the Grand Temple to take the photographs used in the panel’s design. The final artwork was printed on flame-resistant material and stretched over an illuminated lightbox. Slough Masonic Centre Manager Gary Brodie oversaw the installation process. ‘This is exactly what I hoped for our Lodge Room – colour, drama, and spectacle,’ he said. ‘Project Transform has advanced to the next level.’

The unveiling coincided with the launch of Buckinghamshire Freemasons’ 2024 Strategy. This aims to further improve Project Transform by providing technical support staff, training manuals, implementation plans and access rights to licensed music.

John says, 

‘By implementing these strategies, the “Transform Your Lodge” initiative aims to create a more engaging and immersive experience for ceremonies, fostering a sense of unity and pride.’

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