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Bedfordshire Freemason completes gruelling non-stop 80-mile charity run

A Freemason in Bedfordshire completed a gruelling non-stop 80-mile long run to raise funds for a charity festival. 


At 7:30am on Saturday 5th August, Rich Reynolds of Mercury Lodge set off from the Bunyan Meeting Rooms in Bedford planning to run the entirety of the Bunyan Way (130km, 80 miles) non-stop. At 11:00am on Sunday morning he arrived back, scratched, muddy and very tired, to a small welcoming committee at the John Bunyan Statue in Bedford town centre.


Rich Reynolds before his departure
An early send off. L to R Chris Compton (Light Blues Chairman), Chris Damp (Provincial Chaplain), Rich Reynolds and Clive Walsh (Deputy Provincial Grand Master)


Running the equivalent of three consecutive marathons through hours of rain, through the dead of night, through brambles, nettles and mud, Rich didn't waver. His determination and pure grit should be an inspiration to us all.


Rich Reynolds on his 80-mile run
Rich on his run, during a brief respite from the rain


Rich back in Bedford after his epic journey
Rich back in Bedford after his epic journey


His efforts have already raised over £1,300.00 for the Bedfordshire 2026 Festival in support of the MCF, and Rich would like to thank his family, friends and all those who have supported him in this venture, but we think this achievement deserves even more. If you can can, please support Rich and the MCF by donating online

The Bedfordshire 2026 Festival has already received pledges in excess of £500,000, but we know that to reach our target of one million pounds there is lots of hard work ahead. We especially thank all those who undertake sponsored walks, runs, bungee jumps and other wacky endeavours to raise funds - we couldn’t do it without you!

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