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Annual Investiture 2023


Annual Investiture 

The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) is looking forward to welcoming members to this year’s Annual Investiture on the 26th April (Craft) and 27th April (Royal Arch). This annual event is a wonderful celebration of the Investiture of the Grand Officers at Freemasons’ Hall in London. 

The Annual Investiture is an excellent opportunity for those visiting Freemasons’ Hall from abroad to see all the new and exciting developments since their last visit. 

Opportunities include a visit to the Museum of Freemasonry’s brand new 1723 exhibition 'Inventing the Future' to celebrate the journey of Freemasonry and the 300-year anniversary of the Book of Constitutions.

Below is an image from the Museum of Freemasonry of The Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, being invested as a Past Grand Master in 1869. 

Annual Investiture 1869
Annual Investiture in 1869 - ©United Grand Lodge of England

Other highlights for those visiting Freemasons’ Hall include the new Bar and Café, open to members, museum visitors and the general public. 

The award-winning Shop at Freemasons’ Hall has a wide variety of new products including gifts, books, and souvenirs. Four new lines of exclusive products have also been designed and developed for Shop at Freemasons’ Hall, they include: The Picart, The Art Deco, The Façade, and the Museum of Freemasonry. 

Shop at Freemasons’ Hall is currently the one-stop shop for Freemasons and their regalia needs. 

Grand Rank Regalia

You can purchase your Grand Rank regalia from the Shop at Freemasons' Hall website here.

To celebrate this year’s Annual Investiture, Shop at Freemasons’ Hall has released a brand new line of Grand Rank regalia.

The new regalia uses the finest lambs’ skins to give a high-quality look and feel. 

These new regalia lines, exclusive to Shop at Freemasons’ Hall, include Grand Rank regalia dress and undress aprons and collars. 

Dress collar and apron combination
Grand Rank dress apron and collar made with the finest lamb skin

Our new regalia, made and finished in the UK, boasts a beautiful hand-embroidered finish. 

Making its debut on the undress regalia is a brand new triple-thickness fringe to add that extra je ne sais quoi.

Grand Rank dress collar
Grand Rank dress collar with hand-embroidered finish
Grand Rank undress collar
Grand Rank undress collar made and finished in the UK

Shop at Freemasons’ Hall also sells both aprons and collars as a combination together.

Grand Rank undress collar
Grand Rank undress collar and apron combination with triple-thickness fringe

All of the aprons are available with an extended length and width and are available to order both in-store and online. 

Shop at Freemasons’ Hall also offers accessories such as Grand Rank jewels and leather cases to store and move your regalia. 

Grand Rank jewel
Grand Rank jewels are available in-store and online


Leather regalia case
Leather regalia case

The full range of Grand Rank regalia can be found in-store or online at the Shop at Freemasons' Hall website. 

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