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How to join the Universities Scheme

Two young Freemasons chatting

Becoming a Freemason and joining a University Scheme Lodge couldn’t be easier – if you’re aged 18 and over and currently studying at university in England or Wales, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

There’s plenty of choice – with students attending hundreds of universities across England and Wales able to join one of 87 University Scheme Lodges nearby.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions along the way to find out more information about meeting dates and times, dining costs and the frequency of rehearsals. Each Lodge also has their own Lodge Mentor, who will pay an integral role in helping members settle into Freemasonry and encourage and support them on every step of the journey.

200+ years ago The first University Scheme Lodge was founded
2005 UGLE Universities Scheme was created
87 University Lodges across the country
Over 3,400 Subscribing members in University Scheme Lodges

Ways To Join

If you don't know anyone who is a member and that you can talk to, then your first step is to contact your nearest Lodge.

  1. Register your interest
    All you need to do is simply register your interest to locate your local masonic centre where you study
  2. Locate your area using your term time address
    You will be asked to type in your term time post code in England or Wales to find your nearest Masonic centre.
  3. Send us your details
    We will then ask you to complete a short form, which will be forwarded to the relevant Province.
  4. A representative will be in touch
    A local representative will then be in touch to tell you more about Freemasonry, answer any questions you may have and advise you of the most suitable University Scheme Lodge for you to join.

Join Freemasonry today

Locate your local lodge where you live, work or study.
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What happens when I finish University?

This is a common question we are often asked and the simple answer is that you’ll be given all the support you need. We understand that once a member finishes their studies at university, they may be moving away from the area.

Membership migration is an important part of Freemasonry and if you do move areas – while you’ll always be able to remain a member of the University Scheme Lodge – help will be provided to ensure that younger members can transfer from Lodge to Lodge.

It means if you’re moving location after leaving university, you’ll be given support to find other suitable Lodges in your area to join.

"I joined Freemasonry whilst at university as part of the Universities Scheme and have been involved ever since. What I love most about it is not only the friendships and camaraderie, but also the skills you learn that you’d never think of, such as increased confidence in public speaking, research and the confidence to go out of your way to help others when necessary, all whilst having fun. "
Elliot Conway
Wyggeston Lodge No. 3448, Leicestershire & Rutland