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Freemasonry Today Magazine

Freemasonry Today (FMT) is UGLE’s quarterly print magazine, including UGLE communications, stories across Provinces and Districts, and much more. Below you can view the digital editions of Freemasonry Today.

A young Freemason part of the Universities Scheme

Fostering Student Engagement

More than two centuries ago, in 1818, the formation of the Apollo University Lodge at Oxford marked a pioneering moment, laying the groundwork for what would eventually become the Universities Scheme. This is a cornerstone initiative of the United Grand Lodge of England to propagate Freemasonry’s core principles to a new generation.

Royal Arch Temple

Royal Arch Archway: Strategic Strides

Archway, developed over the past two years, was officially launched at the Supreme Grand Chapter in November 2023. Provinces have enthusiastically embraced this initiative, viewing Archway not merely as a separate project, but as a pivotal component of the Membership Challenge and the ‘One Journey, One Organisation’ approach.

Out & About

Provincial and District news
A cap of many colours

A cap of many colours