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The one about the Members' Pathway

Published: 26 June 2023

Episode: 13

In this captivating episode of Craftcast, our hosts delve into the significance of the Members' Pathway and its pivotal role in accomplishing UGLE's Seven-Year Strategy.

Join us for this enlightening conversation with Steven Varley, Ian Copestake, and Chris Hirst, members of the Members' Pathway team, revealing its profound impact on Lodge and Membership Development.

Discover how this comprehensive framework empowers Lodges to attract and embrace new members, fostering a sense of belonging and satisfaction. Our guests share valuable insights on engaging fresh faces and existing members, ensuring active participation and reducing losses caused by resignations, cessations, and exclusions.

Tune in to this informative episode of Craftcast and unlock the potential of the Members' Pathway as we navigate the transformative journey of Freemasonry together!

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