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Covid-19 Member Guidance

Please refer to the First Rising newsletter for the latest general guidance and FAQs issued by UGLE during the Covid-19 pandemic.


13 July 2021:

View the updated version of the Consolidated Emergency Measures here.

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on 12 July, I believe it will be useful if I reiterate UGLE’s stance, which will continue to apply when restrictions are eased in England from 19 July.

1. In holding Lodge and Chapter meetings it is essential that Brethren and Companions comply with all legal requirements from time to time in force.

2. Provided that they do so, it is not UGLE’s policy to impose restrictions on meeting beyond those required by the law.

3. No pressure must be applied to anyone either to attend or refrain from attending meetings.

4. The same principle applies to the wearing of face coverings, which should be regarded as a matter of personal choice.

5. The use of the modifications to the ceremonies, introduced in the summer of 2020 to enable ceremonies to be performed, should cease as soon as is practicable, except where local legal requirements are imposed in relation to such matters as social distancing.

6. The ceremony of Raising (and of Exaltation in the Royal Arch) is once again permitted.

7. It is nonetheless sensible to ensure that a candidate for any degree, and in particular that of initiation, is made aware that the ceremony he will undergo will involve a measure of physical contact, so that he can make his own decision as to whether to proceed with it at this time.

8. Regulations 5 to 11 of the Temporary Emergency Measures for Covid-19 remain in force, to the extent that they are needed, until 31 December 2021, or such earlier date as the Grand Master or the Pro Grand Master on his behalf shall direct. The Pro Grand Master has directed that Regulations 1 to 4 shall cease to apply from 19 July 2021 except in relation to the unexpired period of a suspension already notified in accordance with them.


10 May 2021: Resumption of Meetings FAQs

Please click on the links below to access the FAQs relating to the Craft and Royal Arch.

Craft Resumption of Meetings FAQs

Royal Arch Resumption of Meetings FAQs

Further help for Lodges - New Emergency Measures

To ease pressure on accommodation for meetings later in the year when Lodges and Chapters are expected to be catching up on a back-log of ceremonial work, the Grand Master has given the following direction (which will be added to the Temporary Emergency Measures for Covid-19):

Meeting on Prohibited Days

11.    To facilitate the despatch of Masonic business, during the months of September to December 2021, both inclusive, Sundays shall not be prohibited days.


26 April 2021:

The Welsh government has announced that from 17 May some indoor meetings of up to 30 people are likely to be permitted where they meet the statutory requirements.  This matches the timing of similar relaxations in England, but be aware that the detail is different.

If the government does declare that Wales is in Alert Level 2 from 17 May as expected then a Masonic Centre in Wales will be able to host Masonic meetings of up to 30 people from 17 May if:

a.    it has complied with the requirements set out in the Regulations; and
b.    had regard to any guidance published by the Welsh government from time to time. 

Note that licensed premises are subject to additional restrictions.

Meeting organisers, who will ordinarily be Lodge officers, have an additional obligation to take all reasonable measures to ensure that no more than 30 people attend any meeting. 

If the meeting is held in a Masonic Centre which has indoor spaces open to the public then each attendee will also be subject to the usual face coverings rules.  

Indoor dining in a restaurant or a Masonic Centre from 17 May will be restricted to groups of up to 4 people.

A reminder about meetings in England

As a reminder, the position in England from 17 May is:

Masonic meetings of up to 6 people are permitted.

If a Masonic Centre has conducted a risk assessment, taken into account government guidance and taken all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid then it may host Covid-Secure Masonic meetings of more than 6 people, up to the lower of:

a. the maximum capacity identified in the risk assessment; or
b. 30 attendees.

Please see Regulation 6 of statutory instrument 2021/364 for more details.

Dining is restricted to groups of up to 6 people.

Districts & Groups

District and Group members are encouraged to continue to follow local guidance on meeting restrictions.

More information

The guidance in this area changes regularly but this note reflects our current understanding. This note is intended to help share knowledge and guidance but is not legal advice.


15 February 2021: Guide to New Emergency Measures

View a consolidated copy of all the Emergency Measures here.

View a consolidated guide to all of the Emergency Measures here.


10 November 2020:

A new set of national measures came into force in Wales yesterday, replacing the firebreak regime that has been in place since 23rd October 2020.

The law and the current guidance now permit Masonic meetings of up to 15 people to take place in Wales.

The relevant Provincial Offices will contact affected Lodges and Chapters directly in the coming days. Please note that Festive Boards are not yet permitted to take place.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,


VW Bro/E Comp David Staples
Grand Secretary/Grand Scribe E


2 November 2020:

In view of the latest Government restrictions announced on 31 October 2020, the MW The Grand Master, His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent, KG, has directed that all Lodge meetings in England will be suspended with effect from 12.01 a.m. on Thursday 5 November until such time as those restrictions are lifted.

The ME The Grand Principals have given a similar direction in respect of Chapter meetings in England.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,


VW Bro/E Comp David Staples
Grand Secretary/Grand Scribe E