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1841 - 1910


Born Albert Edward in 1841 at Buckingham Palace, he was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Edward held the title of Prince of Wales between 8 December 1841 and 22 January 1901.

He was initiated into Freemasonry on 20th December 1868 in the Swedish Grand Master’s Lodge, in the Royal Palace at Stockholm, by Charles XV, King of Sweden and Norway.

In England, he became a member of Royal Alpha Lodge No. 16 and served as Master of the lodge in 1871-72, 1877 and 1882-86. He was also a member of several other lodges, including Apollo University Lodge No. 357, the lodge for past and present members of the University of Oxford.

He was elected Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England in 1874, serving until his accession to the throne in 1901 when he became Protector of the Craft. He was also First Grand Principal of Supreme Grand Chapter between 1874 and 1901.

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