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Welcome to the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), the home of Freemasonry. 

Our 200,000 members have always come from all walks of life and meet as equals whatever their faith, ethnic group or position in society. For many this spirit of fellowship is what they value most. Making new friends, helping others, following a family tradition and participating in the ceremonial are also important.

"It gives me a sense of belonging"

We contribute over £33 million a year as one of the UK’s largest charitable givers. Raising funds largely through voluntary donations within our membership we support individual members, local communities and global emergencies. 

"It's about the right way to treat our fellow human beings."

We welcome people to share our resources from touring the magnificent Freemasons’ Hall to discovering their family history in our archives. We hire out the Hall to film makers and for events such as London Fashion Week.

Start your journey by exploring our website.

"For me, it’s for life."


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